Tracked mobile crushing station


Crawler-type hydraulic drive mobile crusher is the company to meet the market demand, independent research and development of the full hydraulic drive crawler car chassis with mobile crushing and screening equipment. Crawler type moving crusher is mainly used for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials often need to relocate the operation, especially for highways, railways, hydropower projects such as the operation of the stone, the user can be processed according to the type of raw materials, Size and finished material requirements vary in a variety of configurations.


1. Excellent performance of the power system, the use of Cummins diesel engine, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable performance, providing a reliable, economical, environmentally friendly power source. The engine can be installed military low temperature preheat start device, so that equipment in the low temperature environment -25C ° can also be easy to start.
2. Full steel structure of the chassis, with high strength, lower than the characteristics of ground pressure, the mountains, wetlands have a good adaptability.
3. Large torque travel motor, driving force, high reliability. The main system of hydraulic power system (pump, valve, etc.) used in Japan imported components, for the walking system to provide a reliable power to protect the system, the use of full power variable open hydraulic system, excellent performance, high reliability, can make full use of the engine power,
4. Import servo pilot operating system, light operation, control accuracy, can achieve the infinite speed of walking.
5. efficient and mature crushing and screening equipment selection, compact structure, stable performance. Screening equipment with 20 ° angle, efficient and reliable screening.
6. Mixed pressure energy devices, dual power intelligent switch, can make full use of local power resources, saving operating costs, reduce CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions. Once the power interruption or undervoltage is automatically switched diesel generator power generation, to ensure continuous operation of equipment.

working principle

Mobile crushing station combination equipment is based on the main process of gravel processing, after a reasonable design, to achieve a variety of crushing, screening equipment, integrated portfolio, through the vehicle system or track drive system to achieve the overall function of mobile operations, flexible Choose the construction site, the material in a timely manner, greatly reducing the cost of transport and processing materials to improve production efficiency. From the customer situation, the mobile crushing station combination more in line with customer wishes, Dawn Heavy Industry R & D dozens of mobile crushing station combination model, you can maximize the needs of different customers. Crawler-type mobile crusher set by the material, broken, transmission and other process equipment as a whole, through the optimization of the process so that it has excellent rock crushing, aggregate production, open-air mining crushing performance, through different models of the joint, To form a strong crushing operation line, to complete the multi-demand processing operations.

technical parameter

Performance parameters Device Configuration Size parameters
project Engine power Climbing degree Maximum walking speed Feeder model Equipment model Minimum gap Job height For width Length of work Transport height Transport width W1 Length of transport L1 Crawler width Track track Track length Crawler wide project
unit kw % Km/h     mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm 4250 mm
Y2S1848L 92 30 1.39   2YZS1848 320 4500 3150 15800 3500 3150 12500 600 2390 4250 2990
YG938E57L 92 30 1.39 GZD960×3800 PE500×750 320 3800 3150 13500 3300 3000 13000 600 2390 4250 2990
YG938E69L 150 30 1.39 GZD960×3800 PE600×900 320 4000 3150 14000 3600 3600 13000 600 2390 4250 2990
YGD15Y75L 180 30 1.39 GLD1500/4 CS75 320 3900 3150 14500 3900 3900 11000 600 2390 4250 2990
YG938F124L 220 30 1.39


Widely used in road and bridge construction, urban construction, metallurgy, energy, and other departments.

Applicable materials

Limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, ore tailings, construction waste and so on.
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