Tire type mobile crushing station


Tire-type mobile crushing station is a series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment, widely used in mine ore crushing, construction waste recycling, building aggregate production, highways, railways, bridges and other industries. Its appearance greatly expanded the concept of crushing operations. Its design concept eliminates the crushing site, the environment, complex basic configuration and complex logistics to bring customers the obstacles to broken operations, and truly provide customers with efficient, low-cost project operation of the hardware facilities.


1. Tire-type mobile crushing station products with light weight, small size, especially for narrow field work;
2. Transport convenience, crawler walking, no damage to the road, equipped with multi-functional, to adapt to a wide range;
3. Set by the material, broken, transmission and other equipment as a whole, through the optimization of the process so that it has excellent rock crushing, aggregate production, open-air mining crushing performance, through the combination of different models to form a strong Of the broken operating lines, to complete the needs of more processing operations;
4. The whole machine adopts all-wheel drive, can realize in situ steering, standard quick change device, with perfect safety protection function, especially for the narrow site, complex area;
5. Save fuel, fuel savings rate of up to 25%;
6. Powered by power group - Optimized design;
7. Can climb the homework, to meet the mines, hydropower stations, coal mines and other engineering requirements.

working principle

Tire-type mobile crushing station is in the material "close to the treatment" of the new concept of the principle, and the development of the series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment. Designed with treadmill movement, the car chassis is high, the turning radius is small, easy for ordinary road driving, more convenient in the crushing area rugged road environment. For the fast stationed in the site to save time. More conducive to stationed in the construction of a reasonable area for the overall crushing process to provide a more flexible operating space. Can be the first line of material on-site broken, eliminating the material from the scene and then broken, the middle part of the deal, greatly reducing the cost of transport of materials.
Tire-type mobile crushing station, also known as tire-type crusher, hydraulic drive tire mobile crushing station, it is a high-efficiency crushing equipment, using self-drive, advanced technology, full-featured. With excellent mobility and operating platform adaptability, without the need for fixed crushing station installed in place before the various pre-prepared, in a short time to complete the station adjustment, at any time into the working state. This can reduce the handling of materials, and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery and equipment. With the wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily opened to the trailer and transported to the workplace.

technical parameter

Model Shipping size Cone crusher Vibrating screen Belt machine
(mm) weight(kg) Axle weight(kg) Traction pin load(kg) Model Maximum feed(mm) Outlet adjustment range(mm) Model Model Processing capacity(t/h) Number of axes
YDS50 11300×2780×4250 29000 19000 10000 PYB900 50-160 9-32 3YA1235 B800×7.2m 40-170 2
YDS80 15000×2865×4300 42900 29000 13900 PSGB0918 60-180 9-32 3YA1548 B1000×8.2m 60-235 2
YDS100 10000×2780×4160 22400 14300 8100 PYB1200 60-180 9-32 3YA1848 B1000×7.2m 60-235 2
YDS180 15500×2865×4300 55600 35600 20000 PSGB1321 80-240 9-51 3YA2154 B1000×8.2m 70-390 3


Widely used in mine ore crushing, construction waste recycling, building aggregate production, highways, railways, bridges and other industries.

Applicable materials

River pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings and so on.

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